The peculiarities of life science marketing consulting

The complexity of the biotech market makes it challenging.

In fact, what we mean by biotech is a very motley variety of different industries, which are often loosely coupled and dramatically different in both markets and technologies. This makes biotech marketing consulting non-trivial.

In this short article, I list some features which I think would be typical for a world friendly to progress, transhumanism, and technological development.

The scroll is by no means complete, but it delivers an approximate and illustrative understanding of what can we change in our society in order to…

We live in a world where biology, biotechnology, and biomedicine are experiencing a boom of unprecedented proportions, entire industries arise almost every month, and investor money flows accelerate.

The volume of bio-data, the quantity, and quality of discoveries, as well as the power of their practical applications, make modern biology…

Ihor Kendiukhov

VC, deep tech, and finance expert and analyst with an educational background in economics and biology focused on disruptive technologies and markets.

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